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Project managers get training

It’s amazing when projects long only developed on a piece of paper suddenly come to life with a whole #team behind them and at the head of them who? ➡️ Project managers! 

At #teamtechnikPoland we rely on our #team, which is why our colleagues from the project management department: Nawrocki Adrian, Bartosz Jaźwiec, Łukasz Kula, Jarosław Jakubowicz, Patryk Wojtyła, Przemysław Mikurda, Maciej Matyasik, Robert Błocisz, Grzegorz F. took part in the first of a series of training sessions conducted by the company PASJA Grupa Dobrych Trenerów (Good Trainers Group) and the excellent trainer Bartłomiej Kloch.

During the training, they practised, among other things, techniques for effective communication with the customer. Through this, they were able to learn more about themselves and practice various situations using their knowledge and experience.

From what we can see from the photos, they had a lot of fun doing it! 😊

We can’t wait for the next ones!

More information on Linkedin.

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