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About us

Automation is our DNA

We are part of the teamtechnik Group and we specialise in building automated assembly lines and test stations for our international customers in the mobility, industrial goods and life science sectors.

In terms of entrepreneurship, we aim to be a reliable and innovative partner for meeting the production automation needs of our customers. In our projects, we pay particular attention to improving the profitability and efficiency of manufacturing processes.

“We live automation” means for us a passion for automation. It is from this passion that we create innovative, individual and highly efficient solutions for our customers.

Who are we?

As part of the teamtechnik Group, we are one of the world leaders in innovative production technologies and fully flexible assembly and test lines. Our goal is to design and develop innovative automation solutions that meet the requirements and needs of our customers. For this purpose, we use the latest production technologies which enable the creation of assembly lines integrated with testing systems controlling the final quality of the product and performing functional tests in serial production.
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With many years of experience in planning, installation and commissioning, as well as a global reach, we offer our customers turnkey systems with varying levels of automation, as well as global production support and expert service. We also care for the environment by using modern energy-saving techniques wherever possible.
We don't do everything, but everything we do has purpose
We live Automation
Take on responsibility sooner
Our customers value equality not hierarchy
When do we call it a day? When everything is running smoothly
Why do you have a future with us? Because we are the future
Short machine cycles for maximum performance
What do we offer you? A leap into the deep end with plenty of room for freestyle

Our departments

Our history in Poland began in 2005, with our first headquarters in Kraków. Since 2014, teamtechnik’s main office is located in Skawina near Krakow, and specialises in the development and production of automated assembly and testing systems in the automotive, industrial goods and life science sectors. The second branch in Poland is located in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Its domain is the production of components for various projects. The teamtechnik team consists of more than 250 employees, mainly engineers and highly specialised specialists with product and process experience.
teamtechnik Polska
Skawina – headquater
teamtechnik Polska

Ostrów Wielkopolski – subsidary

About teamtechnik Group

teamtechnik subsidiaries are located all over the world. All of them operate according to uniform quality standards. Thanks to our global reach, we guarantee our customers fast after-sales service as well as local service. We can integrate assembly and test technology from the various divisions into one system and thus, for example, combine semi-automatic solutions with advanced test technology.

Are you looking for an experienced provider of complete turnkey solutions from a single source?

Whether you are only interested in a feasibility study for your project, a budget or a complex offer, or perhaps the optimisation of an existing line or just a tester. Take advantage of our turnkey assembly and testing system solutions from a single source.