teamtechnik Inno-Tech Days Nov. 16-17

During the two-day open days, we had the honor to host those with whom we cooperate, students, and pupils, and to present our largest project for the battery industry.

We were visited by over 150 people, including 22 companies of our clients (here as many as 12 companies from the battery industry and 5 international battery manufacturers), 9 supplier companies, including 7 suppliers presenting their solutions on the production line for Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. and approximately 50 pupils and students together with teaching staff.
Among the invitees was the Mayor of Skawina, Mr. Norbert Rzepisko, and the Vice-Rector of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics of AGH, Mr. Marcin Kot. The program of the first day included a panel discussion with international specialists on the battery industry, which was very interesting to the audience. It concerned the current situation as well as upcoming changes and forecasts on the market.
On both days, there was a demonstration of the project in the production hall, led by our employees directly related to the implementation of the line. It should be emphasized that it has impressive dimensions – 58×19 m.
At several stations, visitors were met by suppliers who discussed their solutions and answered questions. 17/11. was a day intended for young people – pupils and students who are interested in and associate their future with fields related to team technology, e.g. construction, automation, integration.
Our employees from the Krakow office, who are also AGH students, explained what their tasks are, how they manage to combine work and study, and what mentoring from experienced managers looks like. They also learned about job and internship opportunities and what benefits apply to employees at teamtechnik Poland.

The event was held under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of the City and Commune of Skawina, Mr. Norbert Rzepisko, and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics of AGH University of Science and Technology. Thank you!