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Life science - challenges of a changing world

The development of the market for the production of medical products and consumer goods is directly linked to the development of civilisation-related diseases and the constantly increasing affluence of society. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of mankind, to provide reliable product quality and to keep up with constantly increasing demand, this sector must constantly adapt to the changing conditions of today’s world.
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teamtechnik and your safety

teamtechnik Group provides its customers with solutions in the form of advanced and extremely modern production technologies in the area of Life Science (health care and consumer goods), which are distinguished by high efficiency, reliability and precision. Therefore, teamtechnik Group has developed its own platforms of production systems for the medtech industry, which enable production of Life Science products of the highest quality.
Proprietary turnkey production solutions available as part of the teamtechnik Group’s offering provide the ability to create such products as contact lens packaging, syringes, infusion devices and many others.
Our assembly and test lines can be completely manufactured by teamtechnik, from the feeding systems to the palletisation of the finished product. Furthermore, due to the integration with Hekuma, we have the process knowledge for injection moulded products.
Reliability and the highest standard of teamtechnik are the result of a high level of qualification and validation of systems for the medtech industry as well as many years of market presence. We deliver reliable systems that ensure the stability of production processes for decades.

teamtechnik Group products

Systemy wstrykowe teamtechnik Polska
Our experience with pens, auto injectors and syringes guarantees safe feeding of components during pre-assembly and final assembly with a precise production procedure and 100% inline or offline testing.
Diagnostyka teamtechnik Polska
We analyse new products from our customers’ laboratories and develop the concept for their series production.
Środki jednorazowego użytku teamtechnik Polska
We know how to efficiently produce over 500 pieces per minute without compromising on product quality. With our experience, high-performance system and in-house product feeding technology.
Filtry dializacyjne teamtechnik Polska
What starts as a single fibre ends as a sterile packaged filter. Our turnkey systems combine the latest technologies.
Soczewki kontaktowe teamtechnik Polska
10,000 lenses per hour. Global market leaders have trusted the Eye Care division of teamtechnika for over 25 years.
Inhalatory teamtechnik Polska
The excellence of our metered dose powder inhalers and multi-dose inhalers ranges from blister processing to assembly to final product testing.


Whether you are only interested in a feasibility study for your project, a budget or full-service offer, or perhaps the optimisation of an existing line or just product testing. Take advantage of our turnkey assembly and testing system solutions from a single source.