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E-mobility is changing the automotive world

E-Mobility is changing all aspects of the automotive world, with newer concepts emerging on the market. In today’s ever-changing automotive environment, with new technologies, global megatrends and wider application requirements than ever before, future thinking and innovation are crucial.
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teamtechnik and the future of motorisation

teamtechnik makes a decisive contribution to the development of its customers’ production systems by facilitating the adaptation of manufacturing processes for components related to autonomous drive technology, electric drive components, active driver assistance systems, mechatronics, which are shaping the future of motorization.
We actively support our customers with our expertise, practical experience from ongoing projects and access to the latest technologies, in order to be successful together with them in the future.

Assembly and testing systems

E-Drive systems, gearboxes, batteries, sensors, pumps, plugs – teamtechnik specialises in assembly and functional test systems for the automotive industry. 40 years of experience, comprehensive knowledge – teamtechnik customers around the world value our flexible automation systems. Standardised platforms with modules that connect to customer-specific applications – this is the hallmark of teamtechnik’s flexibility.


Napędy elektryczne teamtechnik Polska
teamtechnik offers a complete solution from assembly to testing of electric drives. Flexible and fully automated solutions based on teamtechnik’s own ideas.
Radary i lidary teamtechnik Polska
Radars and lidars
teamtechnik provides proven assembly and testing solutions for various types of products in the broad ADAS sector, which includes radars and lidars.
Rotory teamtechnik Polska
Thanks to several projects in the field of rotor production and testing, we are able to select the appropriate assembly and test parameters to the required specification.
Inwertery teamtechnik Polska
The assembly and testing of inverters and control units is demanding. Based on extensive project experience, teamtechnik applies proven solutions to the realisation of production systems.
Przekładnie hybrydowe teamtechnik Polska
The hybridisation of the powertrain has led to many gearbox variants and designs. Teamtechnik offers assembly and test systems for all types of hybrid transmissions.
Przekładnie teamtechnik Polska
teamtechnik enables assembly and testing of various types of gearboxes on the same test bench. We offer our services from development and pre-series tests to assembly and large-scale production.
Kamery teamtechnik Polska
In autonomous vehicles, the role of the camera is very important. Producing such a component also requires expertise and experience, which teamtechnik can boast.
Mechatronika teamtechnik Polska
Mechatronics are usually very complex components, where the PCB itself, depending on the type, can consist of up to 100 components. The automated assembly of all components offered by teamtechnik is a demanding task, which is necessary to obtain high quality products.
Czujniki teamtechnik Polska
Sensor assembly requires the utmost precision due to the small size of the components. teamtechnik meets these requirements with its know-how in both products and proven processes.
Złącza wtykowe teamtechnik Polska
As part of the electrification of vehicles, the demand for electrical connectors is increasing. teamtechnik offers numerous solutions in both the low and high pole connector segments.
Zawory teamtechnik Polska
From pre-assembly to final assembly, teamtechnik is an experienced partner – even for particularly complex processes and all valve assemblies.
Pompy teamtechnik Polska
teamtechnik provides semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly and testing systems tailored to the pump type and customer requirements. A special feature is the integrated possibility of dry or hydraulic EOL testing.

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Whether you are only interested in a feasibility study of your project, a budget or complex offer, or perhaps the optimisation of an existing line or just product testing. Take advantage of our turnkey assembly and testing system solutions from a single source.