MagneMotion on our lines

MagneMotion is an innovative transport system that our company has successfully implemented on several of our lines. It is distinguished by the absence of traditional moving elements such as belts or trolleys. Unlike these solutions, the only moving element in the MagneMotion system is the pallet itself or the tandempack on which it is placed.

The operation of the system is based on the electromagnetic principle. As the system control precisely determines the position of the pallet, there is no need for cushioned stoppers. Where we want to stop the pallet, we stop the entire transport system. As a result, the system consumes less energy than belt solutions, where the belts are constantly running even though the pallet is standing on the prestop.

MagneMotion is also ideal for cleanrooms as it is cleaner and more flexible than traditional solutions. The absence of belts eliminates the problem of dust, which is particularly important in clean rooms.

The MagneMotion system is safe for operators because the force of impact when struck by a pallet is significantly less than in traditional systems with belts.

With MagneMotion, line design with conveying is much easier and more flexible than with traditional solutions. There is no need for loops and 90-degree bends. We can use bends of different angles, metre or shorter line modules.

We were the first company in Poland to integrate the MagneMotion transport system. This is an innovative solution that is still being developed by the manufacturer, and its programming logic is completely different from traditional systems.