Our experience in laser welding

One of the most important aspects of maintaining the consistent quality of a laser weld is the selection of the right clamping parameters. This is what our laser welding technology specialist 👉 Maciej Zaborowski says about our experience in this area. Quoting Maciej: “For the same customer, we have already realized the third laser welding […]

MagneMotion on our lines

MagneMotion is an innovative transport system that our company has successfully implemented on several of our lines. It is distinguished by the absence of traditional moving elements such as belts or trolleys. Unlike these solutions, the only moving element in the MagneMotion system is the pallet itself or the tandempack on which it is placed. […]

We are building a battery production line for GigafactoryX from Impact Clean Power Technology

GIGAFACTORYX: 16,000 BATTERY SYSTEMS FROM IMPACT ALREADY IN 2024. TEAMTECHNIK PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY FROM SKAWINA WILL SUPPLY THE PRODUCTION LINE FOR THE NEW FACTORY BEING BUILT BY IMPACT CLEAN POWER TECHNOLOGY. THE PROJECT IS WORTH OVER 6 MILLION EUR Teamtechnik Production Technology (teamtechnik PT), which specialises in building customised automated assembly lines for the mobility, industrial goods and life […]

Adhesive dosing in batteries production process

Dosing adhesives in the battery manufacturing process is a precision demanding procedure and also an activity that employees are unwilling to perform due to the irritating smell of the adhesive. Therefore, more and more companies are opting for its full automation. Our own #teamtechnikPoland solution copes with challenges such as precise product positioning, guiding the dispensing head […]

The e-mobility revolution through the eyes of teamtechnik Poland

In today’s edition of Automotive Suppliers, you can read an article about teamtechnik Polska’s view of the e-mobility revolution, which has a huge potential for development and rich in spectacular and groundbreaking solutions and projects. Wojciech Derda, CEO of teamtechnik Poland, talks about the challenges on the automotive market, broadly understood automation of production processes […]